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Modding the 3D stuff


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As I write a viewer and extraction Tool for PT Boats,

my goal is an importer that would allow new models to be used in Game.

What is the Official stance for such a Tool?

I can 'read' the files pretty much at will now but I don't want to cross anyone.

Is a player created Tool to expand this Game OK to work on?



I did alot of work on the GWX Expansion for Silent Hunter 3 so I'm not a simpleton when it comes to modding things.

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My assumption is that as long as the modifications are not sold and the original source material from PT Boats isn't exported to another game, then it should be OK. Users of the mod should also be aware that there is no support for the modified source material and any issues arising out of the use of such mods are not the responsibility of the publisher or Battlefront.

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