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Serbia - surrender/retreat

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Could you look over the surrender for this minor again. I know from another post it looks like this country will continue to fight on if they have at least 2 units alive and inside her borders. Due to the MTs in the south of the country this becomes a real problem, or assist depending on your view.

If the math is X units * .5 = percent of surrneder... it only takes two for 100%

Wouldnt .25 make alittle more sence? After losing 3 capitals ect do you really need to destroy all the units in thier military?

Map change of road between Serbia - Albaina - Grecce. My understanding is this area had lot of damage from the 1913 balkins war and may of the bridges were not repaired. Because of this the Serbian army retreated through Montengrio - see below -

Marshal Putnik ordered a full retreat, south and west through Montenegro and into Albania. The weather was terrible, the roads poor, and the army had to help the tens of thousands of civilians who retreated with them with almost no supplies or food left. But the bad weather and poor roads worked for the refugees as well, as the Central Powers forces could not press them hard enough, and so they evaded capture. Many of the fleeing soldiers and civilians did not make it to the coast, though - they were lost to hunger, disease, attacks by enemy forces and Albanian tribal bands. The circumstances of the retreat were disastrous, and all told, some 155,000 Serbs, mostly soldiers, reached the coast of the Adriatic Sea, and embarked on Allied transport ships that carried the army to various Greek islands (many to Corfu) before being sent to Salonika. The survivors were so weakened that thousands of them died from sheer exhaustion in the weeks after their rescue. Marshal Putnik had to be carried during the whole retreat and he died a bit more than a year later in a hospital in France.

If players want to retreat back to that last capital they can still get thier troops to albiana if they FORCE MARCH them over the MTs. The only thing a road will aid is the retreat of the HQs.... that doesnt seam histoical as this army had nothing once they got to the greek islands... UK had to supply and retain them some close to a year.... IE no HQ.

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This is a difficult one because problem with changing the surrender settings to (say) 25% is that then, countries like Belgium and Serbia could surrender after losing their capitals while still having 2-3 units fighting on inside their borders.

Because neither country surrendered in real life, and the Serbs went into exile to continue the war, in my experience there is a strong expectation among many players that these countries shouldn't surrender at all.

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