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APDS Usage

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In a recent battle vs the AI I noticed some odd behavior with one of my Churchill tanks. Perhaps a bug, or maybe a tweak is needed... - POSSIBLE SMALL SPOILERS FOR SCOTTISH CORRIDOR BATTLE-

Basically, in the Scottish Corridor campaign, its the attack on Grainville. You're given several Churchills, some with 75mms and a few with 57mms (presumably to defeat the Panthers you encounter)

Most of my tanks were KO'd in short order, however I had one 57mm Churchill left. After careful maneuvering I got him in position and engaged one of the Panthers. The Churchill crew were regulars, no damage, no morale problems btw. So anyway they open fire, rounds ping off to no effect. Suddenly one of the rounds gets a left turret penetration. Right before this I was wondering wtf the crew was doing, as I noticed the AP shot counter going down, not the APDS (which they had about 7-10 rounds of IIRC) when I saw the turret penetration sure enough they had used an APDS. But then they kept firing AP again! They didnt use APDS again for another several rounds, and when they did they started using AP again to no effect. They literally pinged about 10-20 rounds off the panther, with 2 penetrations and one spalling, and those were results of APDS. I dont get why they wouldnt have used APDS the whole time, or at least in the beginning.


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Rationalization 2346/B74: In CMBN, the crew are awarded extra rice pudding points (as they were in 1944) for only using a certain ratio of APDS to AP rounds. It all makes sense when you do the research.

Thanks, man. Saves me from having to test the damn game again.

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Target motion?

Target exposure?

Amount of APDS available?

range ~ 800 m, perhaps more like 500

sitting still facing a bit away from the churchill but frontally. after the side turret penetration it panicked (presumeably) and backed until it reached a hedgerow about 20-30 meters away from its original position. (it was on the edge of a building compound, part of Grainville the Waffen SS were defending. Another Panther was nearby but unfortunately due to the Ai making occasional dumb mistakes was ass to my forces and buttoned up so it didnt even realize a fight was happening yet.) After that and popping smoke it was facing the churchill and the hedgerow it was on, with a slight angle.

Originally the tank was a Churchill IV (I may be wrong) with the 57mm 6 lbr. Fully loaded, so plenty of AP (40-50 rnds Im guessing) HE (same again) and APDS loadout of around 7-10 rounds. I dont recall the exact number but it was in that range and I remembered noting the usage of AP and APDS shot by watching the numbers decrease with each shot..

Oh and visibility was clear. Overcast perhaps, but daylight. At certain points due to other combat and incoming artillery fire Im sure clouds of dust were in the area of the fighting, but once my Churchill made contact it had the Panther in LoS for the duration of this engagement, which ended when I decided to move in closer and try to at least KO the dumb other Panther. I moved the Churchill past the burning hulk of his platoon CO's Churchill and when he drove past that the Panther he had unloaded on spotted him, and fired with a penetration in the upper hull. Churchill brewed up, the crew bailed, and a couple of them survived the ensuing chaos.

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Rationalization 2346/B74: In CMBN, the crew are awarded extra rice pudding points (as they were in 1944) for only using a certain ratio of APDS to AP rounds. It all makes sense when you do the research.

Those APDS rounds were supposed to get them all the way to Berlin.

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I agree, it SOUNDS odd. I can come up with reasons why they reverted to AP, but as a player, well, it doesn't seem right.

I hate to ask: do you have a savegame?

If not, what scenario was it? Do you remember the Churchill's experience level?

Any details you can add would help. (I'm not saying I have time to try to track this down, but the more detail you provide, the better the chance of digging into it.)

(One easy, off the cuff, rationale: the crew THOUGHT the AP was doing something, until the Panther "twitched". Then they fired their "silver bullet" round. Not seeing the Panther brew up, they went back to AP. (Maybe they thought the APDS missed?))


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Ill dig around for a save game - I prolly dont have it for once because I started playing against the AI in real time again to handicap myself. Internets been acting up.

The crew was definitely regular or green, but it'd be easy to check - the scenario was Going to Church, the version where theres 2 Panthers. If Im somehow wrong its definitely the scenario immediately following if you lose, but again Im almost certain its Going to Church in the Scottish Corridor campaign. I wouldnt be surprised if they were pretty freaked out as all their armor comrades were dead or out of action.

I'd think the crew would think the rounds hit, but I dont know. They got 2 penetrating hits with APDS and one armor spalling, among a bunch of AP richochets and shatters..

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