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best strategies?

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Here is an off-the-wall comment on the strategy used by both players. It is not clear to me if this is wrong or not, since I do not have the game.

Offhand, I would say that the Germans have the onus of either attempting to reach the town before it falls, or of going slow and taking it back from the Americans.Deciding on the best strategy depends on a number of factors that are not obvious to me:

1) do their orders imply that the town must not fall at any cost? Is it Ok to lose it temporarily? Are the losses in the latter case such that it is preferable to take more losses to get there faster?

2) Do the Germans have any choice? Do the snow and narrow forest roads actually force the GErmans to take the chance that the town will fall? This seems to be the opinion of teh gErman player.

3) Were the Germans justified in dividing their force? Since there are a number of paths to the town, should the GErmans have taken a chance and sent most or all of their force down a single path, the one with the least chance of a destroyed unit blocking the road? Since the Americans have to protect all the paths at least with a token force, wouldn't this have more chance of a quick breakthrough? If not, why 3 paths and not 2. Or is this a given of the scenario (in which case some division commander should be kicked...).

Is the US decision to defend against the German reinforcements with a token force the best? What is the best ratio and disposition of forces when carrying out an assault while expecting enemy reinforcements? Would it be a viable choice for teh US to throw everything at the town, hoping to take it before the German reinforcements arrive?


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Lol, Fo4!! Henri, maybe you missed it. This type of post is supposed to go in the thread for Steve only. We are up to Steve #3 now. That way the two players can feel safe to peruse the rest of the board without gaining intelligence.


The enchanter may confuse the outcome, but the effort remains sublime.

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Guest Big Time Software


This question, if inadvertently viewed by either of the gamers in our replay (Fionn and Martin) could give them too much information and destroy the fog of war. Please post such questions in "Questions for Steve" thread, which neither Fionn nor Martin may read.

I'm closing down this thread.


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