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Mod not compatable with new patch....

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After loading the new patch my games, both new and saved, were screwed royally. I can't even describe what was going on. Never the less I uninstalled every mod I had going and it works fine. I began to ease them back in and I found that the main culprit was Vins Animated Text. This to me is the most useful mod I have used. Vin, if you read this please fix your mod so I can re download it. I miss it a lot.

I will continue to re install my favorite mods back into the Z file and will report any incompatibility I see.

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What does that Mod do? Dont hav it.

Vin's Animated Text mod?

It is great takes those cryptic ASCII text strings that are supposed to tell you which team member is moving, which is spotting, firing etc. and replaces it with a custom font version where the icon for each of the action actually look like a moving soldier, looking, firing etc.

It is brilliant!

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