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I am curious to know what the American opinion is on whether the US would have entered World War 2 on a combat basis if there had not been an attack on Pearl Harbour?

No, not without the stupidity of Hitler declaring war on the USA a few days after Dec 7.

Perhaps at some later date as it has already been said that Roosevelt was determined to do it (but needed Congressional OK remember, Congress declares war not the Pres.). Possibly if the US had supplied Britain and the USSR with those large lend-lease items ( recall the Stuarts, Grants, and Shermans to North Africa) the German rage would have resulted in them finally declaring war on the US.

Recall the Germans wanted the Japanese to attack Russia in the East to take the pressure off them and it was the Jap Army generally that preferred assisting the Germans but the Navy wanted Indonesia and its oil. Hitler should've held out for a Jap invasion of eastern USSR (despite the drubbing they got there in 1939) or not declared war on the US for no adbantage to Germany.

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