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Reinstalling TOW, what is recommended


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I am reinstalling TOW after some hiatus from the Theatre of War series. I have the TOW retail copy and the super patch cd, I think that is what it is called.

What is the latest recommendation with what to run to get the most out of it?

TOW, Super Patch and JSH 1.3.5?

I also read something about a balance mod? Is that included in JSH or seperate and where can I get hold of it?

Anything else I am missing or as a must have?

Many thanks,


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I would say

TOW, Super Patch and JSH 1.3.5
will work for best results.

If you don't already have all the extras you need from links on this forum, there is a collection of files mirrored here which includes JSH 135 & the Bulldogs campaign.

When you are done with that be sure to play Arzoks Uchronic missions. :)

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