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[WIP] Misdrops (Scenario)

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Night airdrops on D-Day. Units scattered and confused... you know how it goes.

Its a roughly 2.1x1.6 big map, where the goal is to find and seize the german HQ base and the 88's. (I wish there would be quad flaks.)

Some pics. This is 1.0a version and i add details/bocage daily if i see fit. If you ahve any suggestions, spit it out and ill get something done.

Also this is my first time doing this so go easy on me. :)

Some screens.

From SW


This is a scene that might or might not be familiar to anyone. Its a vague recreation of a part of land from one of the BiA Rth30 missions.


German HQ


Farm, park and a manor.


Figured that all them big res pictures were overkill...

When I finish this, ill take a somewhat smaller bite, and make a campaign, tribute to BiA series. I will recreate the missions in the game as close as possible and see how it works. Also, if ill have will and time, i will also make a US training camp. (I know there is allready a shooting range mission ingame, but ill make it even more noob friendly, with more story behind it.)

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Thanks and no problem.

I played with elevation some more, and this is the latest version. (Still beta)


There is no real briefing (yet) and so on but as i said, take the big village, kill the guns is the objective. Reinforcements come in bundles at 10-20 min intervals. First you are without any heavier stuff, so your task is to get all units to some owerwatch position/cover, regroup and establish some routes between the squads. Later on, you get some MGs, engineers and a mortar.

If you want, give it a go, the more feedback the better.

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US only, im not really fond of CW stuff, but if somebody wants to make a brit version, be my guest, as long as you credit me for making the map.

If nobody does it, i could make it at a later date, when i complete other projects and if i have the will to do it.

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