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Setup Zones

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If i want to implement a 'rolling reinforcement' system whereby the first set of reinforcements arrive at the start of the map, but the next set arrive say 100m further up, and then another 100m further up - do i have to create setup zones all the way up the map - and if thats the case is there anything to stop the player choosing the setup zone half way up the map for the original force layout before the game starts?

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Undercover, we are talking about deploying reinforcements in the editor, right? If so, yes you can set them up in different places/zones. They will appear where you deployed them when you "Deploy Units" from the scenario editor. I don't paint setup zones usually, because the game will reset things like not deployed/deployed or mounted/dismounted, etc. if they start in a planted setup zone. Without painted zones for the original on-map at-start units, you can't move them around freely during the game setup, of course. I also recall reading on the forum that reinforcements that arrive later not in a painted setup zone won't follow orders of the parent unit (in a situation where, say, a platoon is a reinforcement for it's parent company that started on map). But I haven't noticed that myself.

I have not have my morning pot of coffee yet, so take that into consideration!

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Be careful of the Star Trek effect. You do not want reinforcements materializing in LOS of the enemy.

Make sure they come in either behind solid concealment or other method of ensuring a safe entrance to the battle.

True dat, but it can be a nice effect--in very small amounts--in a night para drop scenario.

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