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CW Buron - Sticking it out (no spoilers)

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@Field Marshal Blücher,

What is the status of your "tweaked for head to head play" version of Sticking it out? My friend and I are getting close to finishing the main event and want to play the "next" one.

Thanks for asking--both of my playtesting groups have finished, but I'm still waiting on more detailed feedback from one of them. I'm also fairly busy with other CM projects, so I haven't released the redux version yet. I'll try and fast-track this one. :)

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my nightmare begun...

the infantry company got slaughtered in front of the hedgegrow box , my tanks and stugs entered the forest ,but coundnt find any enemy tank's movement,so two stugs and one ht got lost there,then one panther tank saw the m10,and fired!



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my panther tank approached to the hedgegrow, then m10 fired to the panther.

even my tank could see the enemy ,but it couldnt fire back!after 11 rounds ,m10 finally finished the panther.

(this is the bocage LOS trick we found in both scenarios,the tank's gunner cant see the target,but the driver can )


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because the infantry company couldnt move forward any more , another panther flanked the m10 and destroyed it .

i thought i should use fire plan at the very beginning , my right flank's assult will penertrate Canadian's line and get into the town much easier



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Canadians artillery hit the town for a very long time(front line's bocage boxes and right flank's bottom) ,then they approached the town from 3 directions.their right flank (2 plts ,1 sherman,1 firefly)attacked first,then is the middle(1 plts,1 sheman ) and left flank(1 plts,1 sherman)

my infantry got 4 dead in enemy's fire plan phase(the plt at the right flank's bottom),then most men concentrated to the left flank(the main street and the houses).


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saw enemy approaching ,i just sent two jagdpanzers to the left flank and waited there

Canadians infantry company didnt come forward ,but two scouting jagdpanzers found the firefly ,so they launched the attack first.

with 4 infantry men's help ,the firefly hit them first ,got one killed ,other three run back . jagdpanzers reacted very quickly and hit the target three times(actually only one fired,another one didnt see anything),made it totally burned






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for reactions ,Canadians first launched the left and middle assults,penertrated my main resistance line,forcing my company retreated to the SW direction,they also sent 3 shermans approaching from NW,N and NE direction,want to flank my jagdpanzers position.

i knew enemy's thought ,so i sent orders for two jagdpanzers to make a big manuever,using houses and low stone walls ,let them to rescue a lot of infantry men in the left and middle area , fall back ,then made forward again ....in the end ,they meet the sherman which come from north ,1 round fired and the sherman blew up.



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at the same time ,sherman at the left flank retreated and hid behind the bocage box,so my jagdpanzers manuever to the right flank ,caught the third sherman ,and destroyed it with one round without any problem.


the sherman DID see the enemy ,but cant fire back and dead(just like the situation in "stick them out",driver can see the target but the gunner cant )


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You are a psychic. I just finished it. Can any volunteers for playtesting it H2H to make sure that this version IS balanced please send me a PM containing your email address?

That depends. Does it still have inaccurate OBs and terrain? I say this mainly based on the HLIoC unit history coupled with Meyer's history of the 12th SS, which has the attack only involving two platoons totalling eight Panthers. They had no artillery or infantry in support and were clueless as to what awaited them in Buron, which should include PIAT-toters and two troops of Wolverines but no ATGs. Also, the 12th SS had no StuGs from what I can read. As to terrain, Buron should be surrounded by a the wall that is normal for Norman clos towns and it and the surrounding terrain should show the wear and tear of a month of heavy fighting.

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Speaking of these two (very enjoyable) battles, does anyone have any advice about using the Vickers MGs in 'The Main Event'? They don't do much sitting on the ridge, and it's hard to get them safely into the town.

In 'Sticking it Out', on the other hand, they can give halftracks headed down a slope a very hard time.

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Speaking of these two (very enjoyable) battles, does anyone have any advice about using the Vickers MGs in 'The Main Event'?

Well I used them on the ridge (and in the tress) to help suppress and cover the advance to wards the town. I agree they were not a huge asset but the did do some work for me. Once in the town they were less useful but I still brought them up.

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