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Scenario Design: Attacking AI and Cover and Concealment

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Congrats BF on the new module. Having a lot of fun with it!

Maybe this is already known by the expert scenario designers here (thanks for those great scenarios) and if it is I apologize for the misuse of bandwidth.

But this is something I have been testing since back to CMSF and I see a huge improvement now. Maybe it was there for CMBN already. I just noticed it in the CW module.

Here is the thing: to have the AI to use a wooded area for a covered/concealed approach it seems like the terrain tiles below the trees need to be of the "light/heavy woods" type.

For the first time I've seen the AI to attack my troops through a very narrow strip of wooded terrain even when their orders are to move on a wide sector.

If you don't mind a bit of reading, the details (including pics) are in my blog:

Watch Out! The AI Got Smarter


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Wait a second, the AI movements are plotted by the scenario designer, not the AI itself...

The AI wont move by itself unless it pulls back when shattered or broken.

Not exactly. The scenario designer dictates the group's starting deployment area, the group's destination area; when and how quickly they will try to get from area A to area B; and what movement protocol they will use. Exactly how to execute these general instructions is decided by the AI, though -- the scenario designer does not plot detailed moves of individual units within groups.

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