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Engel mission 3

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Anyone have some tips/tactics on this one..


When you must get your crew to he Kingtiger...Whats the best option?...I sent in my crew in a halftrack with my panther up front...managed to get the crew in..(3 remaining)then when I tried to retreat wih my KT and tiger...he got destroyed by shermans or m10..

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Move with one infantry platoon and one tank support through the middle section of the bocage quickly. There isn't really a lot of resistance around the tank as long as you don't take detours. Follow them with pioneers and blast a covered path through the middle for the KT. You don't need the pioneers if you move quickly enough though.

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Didn't have much trouble reaching the King Tiger, but I only managed a draw on this one after that. The enemy doesn't just attack, they put the pedal to the metal and roll right at you with several companies of infantry and seemingly endless tanks, while artillery falls nonstop. At times I was only able to fall back because they had run under their own artillery barrages :P

It's good that the campaign fully restores your forces after this one, because I lost almost all of my vehicles in a futile attempt to stem the tide. They finally broke through on the right before I could get my forces to the exits.

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