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Marco Bergman armour/penetration mod for CW

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Please Marco Bergman, I think your weapon's range mod for BN is indispensable. Thanks to your mod, after playing for a long time, now I'm able to remember a lot of weapon's ranges. That's would be not possible if I have to research the weapon's range in the manual every time and units don't waste ammunition (I give them wrongs orders with wrongs weapons ranges)

So, please. Another range weapons mod for CW. Thanks.

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Marco, hi,

I am a huge fan of all your work, and this mod shows a healthy interest in a subject I enjoy as much :).

But I still hold to the view that by late ’42 onwards the use of face-hardened armour decreased. By ’44 only the odd plate still being treated thus. We both no doubt have the same sources, Jentz, Rexford and the German chap whose name I can never remember. Somewhere you will find the above explanation. It was occasionally used on some plate, but rarely by then.

However, still greatly looking forward to your mod, we the players and Battlefront are lucky to have you working on CM.

Looking forward to more and more CM stuff... ;).

All the best,


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