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Questions about scenarios and HQs

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Well, now that CW is out I am hoping to get into this game more than I have so far. I like creating my own scenarios/campaigns, and have a couple of related questions:

1) In the scenario, I do not see any way to create a scenario with just, for instance, a single infantry platoon--the editor will not allow me to delete the battalion or company HQs. And yet, the first CW scenario that I played only included an infantry platoon, without the company and battalion HQs. How can I do this?

(please don't respond that I should never design a scenario involving a rifle platoon unless I include a company and battalion HQ, etc. etc.)

2) After the battle, is there an easy way to determine which leaders were killed/wounded during the battle? I know I can open the map and look at individual units, but it will be pretty tedious to go to every unit and compare ther post-battle leader's name with the pre-battle leader's name (plus that would not show who was wounded vs KIA).

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You can't delete an HQ unit until *all* subordinate units that report directly to that HQ have been deleted -- you can't have any "orphaned" units without an immediately superior HQ.

So, for example, in order to delete the Battalion HQ team of the standard U.S. Infantry Battalion, you have to delete the "Operations Team", and two Jeep (radio)s that report directly to the Battalion HQ first. Then you can delete the Headquarters team itself.

Similar deal for American Rifle Company HQs. The XO team reports directly to the Company HQ, so you have to delete it first. Then, you can delete the Company HQ itself.

As to your second question, I don't know of any easy way to see HQ casualties only after the battle.

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