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Aris CW Vehicles Mods Thread

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I´ve taken the liberty of making - and uploading - a set of Aris Stuart Recce and Kangaroo mods - simply by renaming the hull, wheel and track files of his previous Stuart III mods. That of course mea

I don't use brushes for mud efects. I use photoreal samples of mud, dust, splatters, and so on...The brushes I use you can get them from free in the net, not that they are so rare. I first apply some

I bet that all pieces of advice from the Golden horse's mouth could be compiled and be such a valuable help to all wannabe weathering artist. 📖 💡

..and this might have been one of the Cromwells ambushed by Wittmann at Villers Bocage as 4th County of London of Yeomanry was trapped in that mayhem...


...again, thanks to Darknight Canuck for pointing this out, and for the huge amount of info he provides for each and every mod I make.

Edit: you may notice something odd in that (95mm) barrel 3d modelling, if you do, I would be glad for you to take a closer look due to this mod,.... ;)

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Four days off the work this weekend, heading to the sunny ( ?¿) beaches of Eastern Spain, so modding comes to a halt,...I am working now on the M9a1 Halftrack (which I forgot to add to the Halftrack Pack I uploaded to the Repository). I plan to improve what I achieved with the Lend Lease HTs, but sometimes adding and deleting results in poor results, ain't no telling,...

Here are some work inprogress results, still some refining left, as well as decalling, wheel weathering, and interior detailing,...


It will be ready sometime next week, until then, enjoy the weekend!!

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