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Aris CW Vehicles Mods Thread


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Superb as always, Aris. Love the mud on the wheels.

And as usual my only comment would be to just slightly better outline the details/put shadows in so that things that stick up off the surface stand out a bit more (eg: the tools).

The weathering is superb - but rather even all over. I wonder if the horizontal surfaces would be more weathered, which the vertical surfaces would show streaks of oil, dirt etc.

Hatches, hinges, exhausts, things that get touched or moved most would also have extra wear/dirt.

Hope that helps...

And thanks again for your superb work. The "look" of CMBN units and terrain has been immensely improved/totally changed almost single-handedly by your efforts.

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Oh, yes, I agree! Simply brilliant as always, Aris.

I have all your mods and didn't quite realise just how much you've transformed this game for the better until I began playing the CW module. And, then, I was rudely reminded. Thank you. Have you had a good look at the King Tiger yet? Ouch!! Yuck!! etc. I have no useful suggestions Aris, as I believe all textures turn to gold in your capable hands.

I look forward to seeing what else you've got planned for us. :D

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Looks awesome...as usual. Only thing I would request/hope is if or when you get to the Shermans you might do a few dirtied up Mickey Mouse camos...'specially for the firefly.


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Great to see you back at it. I would love to see you try your hand at the new German vehicles if and when you are up to it. The PzII Lynx and Wespe are especially in need of further work.

Mord's suggestion is a good one. The straight forward British camo schemes might provide a good opportunity to try your hand at adding patterns to your otherwise masterful textures. We know you enjoy a challenge.;)


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Well, for being "rusty" you sure got back up to speed pretty quickly - righteously awesome work, but that's nothing new for you.

Subtlety and balance remain as your more notable strengths. Perhaps I'm wrong, but it appears you accentuated some of the weld marks on the hull and shadows on the mantlet rivets. If so, nice effect without going overboard and turning the model into a stenciled stylization. It's always fun to see the the effects of virtual gravity on your drips and smears - I admire that you are not afraid to obscure the decals with digital grime.

You continue to bring it all together man, thank you!

Note: Steve mentioned the PzII and MkVIB models will be updated in a future patch, so you may not want to spend time on those models anytime soon.

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