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Three Cheers to Team BF for a great release!

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No gripes allowed in this thread! Just give a few cheers if you are satisfied with the module and happy to be playing it!!!

So ... with a stiff upper lip and a bit of that British "officer class" formality:

"Three Cheers to Team BattleFront for a job well done lads!"

"Hip hip hurray! Hip hip hurray! Hip Hip hurray!"

"Right. That's enough of that chaps." "Back to work with ya!"

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+1 on all that. I moved my mods and saved games to another folder. The download was fast, the install was flawless and putting my mods back in so far has been painless (I didn't have Vin's mod).

Haven't had a lot of time yet to tinker with it, but bunkers are working and from what I hear large maps are much more usable. Lots of maps, couple new campaigns what's not to love?

Thank you once again BFC. It is going to take me forever to catch up on all this material.

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