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Disembark in the middle or end

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Guest L Tankersley

Yes, although I haven't yet fully mastered it. Example from the Last Defense scenario - I race the mounted PG platoon forward to the road by the treeline on the left of the map. Each HT has orders to move fast to the road, then move slowly along the road a bit, and then move fast back south again. The mounted troops are given move orders to the trees by the side of the road where their HT is moving slowly. This shows up as "Move/Disembark."

During the execution phase, the HTs race up to the treeline, and the infantry jumps out and moves into the woods as the HTs retreat. Pretty nifty, except for a few coordination problems - I had a traffic jam that bottled up some of the HTs, and only half of the infantry successfully dismounted before their vehicles roared off again. I think this was because I didn't give them enough time.

AFAIK, there is no order to "Disembark at the end of the turn, regardless of where the vehicle is located."

Leland J. Tankersley

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Guest Scott Clinton

It seems to me that this part of the game actually works very well.

Every time I have done it the infantry dismounts at the closest point to their destination.

I have had a few vehicle leave without their troops, who seem to just 'stop' when this happens...

Nothing that can't be patched IMO. Or learned to deal with.

I can here the sarge of the halftracks "I HAD ORDERS TO DEPART AT 0600...AND I DID!" ;)

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Simply put a waypoint where you want the units to disembark AT and make sure they only have a few metres to move to be disembarked (ten or less) and they will all jump off the tank without slowing it down.

I've done this in last defence and got the 2 MG and spotter teams off my tanks and the tanks halfway to the town within the first 60 seconds. All it takes is practice.



Fionn Kelly

Manager of Historical Research,

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