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List of feature/changes in Commonwealth

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From the text file:

Combat Mission Battle for Normandy v1.10 features/changes

* Soldiers make better use of demo charges against vehicles at close range.

* When vehicles bog down, it's now more likely to be temporary.

* Corrected a problem where gunners would sometimes aim too low and repeatedly hit intervening ground short of the target.

* Computer-player troops automatically take additional stored weapons and ammo with them when dismounting from vehicles.

* Halftrack gunners will "sit" when the vehicle buttons up.

* Dispersion pattern of mortar shells is more realistic.

* Dismount command may be given to multi-unit groups.

* In campaigns, units won't go into the next battle without a leader due to a previous casualty.

* Enemy mortars are a little easier to spot when they fire.

* Corrected a problem where frame rate could affect the cover offered by buildings.

* Vehicles are more likely to button up when they take a crew casualty.

* Computer player is more effective at breaching walls and bocage.

* It's more difficult to suppress the occupants of a bunker.

* Targeting an enemy unit by clicking its icon works properly when some LOS is blocked.

* Corrected a problem that caused deployed soldiers to move around too frequently, especially inside trenches and buildings.

* Corrected some problems with soldiers moving across narrow bridges.

* Corrected a problem that caused halftracks sometimes to refuse to move across wall breaches.

* Pre-battle intelligence icons don't slowly fade during setup.

* Scenarios load faster when 3D Texture Quality option is set to Balanced or any faster option. If you notice any decrease in visual quality, simply increase this option one level higher in quality.

* New editor feature lets you move flavor objects around more easily. In map preview, ALT-click on a flavor object (Option-click on the Mac) and the next map click will place the (previously) ALT-clicked object at the location of the second click.

* Single barbed wire units remember their facing in the editor.

* In the editor, when units are purchased they will try to set up by default inside friendly setup zones if the zones have already been created.

* Made changes that should reduce the occurrence of Out of Memory crashes.

* Allowed for the use of up to 4GB of RAM, dependent on the user's operating system and settings.

* Corrected a problem where units driving near ditches would bog too easily.

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Nice about the mortar changes: both the more realistic dispersion, and perhaps them being less used as direct fire due to increased spotting.

Will mean I will get CW sooner (I am sure I would eventually get it)

Can anyone comment on how the change affects play? CW still has the linear fire plans? (I can imagine that BFC is hesitant to take out a feature...but, still)

[Oh, and the de-bogging stuff is also wonderful, and critical]

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It is not on the list as to being changed, but is tanks having a harder time spotting infantry now or not. I am playing a campaign in CW now and the first thing I noticed was spotting of my tanks to infantry. Cannot tell if any changes have been made. So I guess not from looking at this list.

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I'm not 100% sure but I think there were changes that make a tank more likely to button and more likely to have its morale state adversely effected by fire and particularly small arms fire. (Not just when a casualty is taken as the changelog implies)

Both of these would indirectly make tanks less likely to spot infantry.

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