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CW At first glance.

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Someone double check for me please...look at the halftracks and motor vehicles of the SS. What do the license plates say? SS or WH?

WH. One of the first things I noticed too lol!

Also modders, while you are at it, the "SS" lightning bolt collar tab is an indeterminable blob. I presume both are due to censorship laws in certain countries.

And someone correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't the camo smock of the W-SS a longer (though not nearly as long as the Fallschirmjager) oversmock with no pockets and no collar, which allowed the tunic/shirt collar to show to display rank, etc. ? And it also had the Reich Eagle patch on the left sleeve in green on black instead of silver, along with certain rank and award hashes on the sleeve if memory serves. Perhaps I am thinking early issue, and this was changed by '44? Can't recall if the smock had a unit band in green on black on the left sleeve cuff or not. I think that may have been on a per-unit basis.

The adapted Heer tunics seem to be fairly correct to include the unit band above the sleeve cuff (with a generic name since the game needs to remain unit neutral, or at least I am assuming that since I can't quite read it) Also the rank tabs and epaulets look right from what I could see.

Certainly not a game breaker by any means, more wondering if I am remembering right, and my references are long gone.

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I've noticed much smoother gameplay, no stutters really. Definately seems to be improvement in terms of FPS. One other thing and I'm not sure if I'm just imagining this or forgetting it was in base module...but I'm noticing that dead vehicles actually seem to block bullets, etc. Noticed that one dead vehicle started burning after taking a number of hits.

I don't remember this in base module.

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Definitely faster here, which is a relief. The UK kit is interesting, and the campaign maps look great so far. Thus far it looks great, and there's a lot to explore at here. "Well done" to all involved.

I did hope that the German infantry would get some new smock models. I hope these can be added in at some point.

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The maps are absolutely huge compared to those in CMBN. There's lots of armor in action and no end of mayhem, death and destruction. I didn't count the number of scenarios, but I believe that there are now more for the CW than for the USA.

My only niggle so far is that the scenarios are the slowest to load of any that I've ever seen in a computer game. The same is true of saving a game. And I'd note that my game is stored on an Intel SSD that's positively smoking in the read/write department.

One word comes to my mind as I survey the beauty of it all, "BREAKTHROUGH!"

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Hmm, just had a (Windows) crash to disk while playing. I was goofing around in RT with just a squad or two of Canucks under a 3 mortar barrage on a fairly simple little map -- it crashed about the fifth replay. I have no savegame to bring arumpapumpum.

Looks like you guys still have a little work to do on the stability issues.

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Have to go to work, but downloaded the game while taking a shower. Started the Surrender invites Death scenario (the attack of the HJ at the Canadians near Authie). Looks thrilling. Haven't time for more unfortunately, but I'm glad the Brits have arrived. The Authie map looks absolutely fabulous. Well done, guys!

Now somebody, please make a foliage helmet for the Commonwealth troops.

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That's because it modifies scripts.txt, which has been updated in v1.10. Anything that modifies scripts.txt will have to be updated for the latest version.

Sorry guys. I was afraid of that. Until it gets squared away don’t use it if it is making text go crazy. I do not have CW or the new patch yet so I am not sure what will be involved in fixing it.

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For some reason my "Vin's Animated Text (heavy) CMBN" was giving some CMSF names to the WW2 units. Weird. All the other mods I originally had seem to be working fine. :)

Sorry. Hope to get it working in future with new patch. If you know how to get to the text file you can make an original version that used symbols made only from keyboard symbols. I'll try to get the graphics back for a future version.

Here were the original symbols one can make from the keyboard.

Move= ///////

Fire = (----------

Aim = \^*^/

Cowering = (X)

Casualty = +

Medic = (+)

Deploy =(D)

Packing up =(P)

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So I bought a King Tiger in a QB. First shot fired in the battle is a 6 pounder hitting the shot trap and causing a penetration. No joke. :(

Thats why they actually went with the Henschel turret after it was discovered that a shot trap "shot" could litteraly unhinge the Porsche Turret version. I beleive Abt. 503 was the only one to recieve them... I believe there are however 2 pictures of the same Porsche Turret King Tiger attached to Panzer Lehr knocked out around the area of St. Lo.

Link from "Achtung Panzer"



Notice in Order of Battle: Panzer-Kompanie (Funklenk) 316 (Tiger)

I know this unit has been talked about in possible previous forums and it was unclear that they actually had any Tigers in Nomandy. Trying to find the Pz Lehr Tiger II picture near St. Lo that was attached to the above unit... 316.

Anyone have any pictures? only the 503.Pz.sAbt and Pz Lehr had them.. I believe.

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