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Some Concerns

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I have some thoughts - assuming Cm2 -Eastern Front goes bigger and better - eg 16 meg worth of textures and so forth, will you go back and improve/update CM1, with new stuff?? I hate it when a second version comes out and its a different theatre, cause I really like the Western Front. I hope you release an update or something along those lines.

Close Combat being a good example, each version in a different theatre, with improved mechanics, but then its up to hackers to create the old theatres....

I hope this won't be the case with CM


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Guest Big Time Software

Definately a frequently asked question smile.gif We do hope to be able to backwards support the data and scenarios from previous versions. However, it isn't a given that this can be done realistically. We have already busted the file format a dozen times after it was "finalized" for example smile.gif

Officially we aren't promissing anything, but personally we would like to see improvents from one apply to those before.


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K L, "rolling across the steppes in the summer heat" was a relative breeze. It was trying to survive them in the bitter cold of winter that destroyed the armies of both Napoleon and Hitler.

Still, I share your longing to duke it out with heavy tanks and massed arty on an open landscape.

Also, something that I have not seen discussed here, but intrigues me, is the balance of air resources between the Soviets and the Germans. Unlike CM1, CM2 should provide lots of opportunities for the Luftwaffe. It will be great.



The enchanter may confuse the outcome, but the effort remains sublime.

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