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Global Conflict vs WW1 Storm over Europe

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Cripes, lads! Took ages to register with that blasted bot detector thing! At my age, it's jolly hard too make out the letters and numbers!

Anyway... my question is, I've got SC WW1, enjoyed it immensely, but also played the Storm over Europe WW2 version (having played SC1 and 2 way back when as well). But if I've got Storm over Europe, is there any point getting Global Conflict or the Gold add on? What's the difference? As far as I can see from screen shots, it looks much the same.

Any thoughts?

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Welcome aboard, Jamie Thomson!

Storm over Europe is a single theater game, you play in Europe and north Africa.

In Global Conflict you play the whole war, in Europe, Asia, Afrika, the Atlantik, the Pacific, North & South America, Australia, the Indian Ocean, the Chinese Sea, etc. etc.

The Gold update introduces

- more campaigns, some of them are very enjoyable "what if"-campaigns,

- all the game engine improvements from SC WW1 (which was released after the vanilla Global Conflict)

- the most advance Strategic Command Game engine ever

- a faster playing AI

If you like SC2, than you will probably love SC Global Conflict (Gold).

You can find the most important differences when you look and read here:

Global Conflict

Global Conflict Gold

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