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Is there any way to import map information directly from google earth?

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Any idea where I can find this utility? It sounds really useful.

And thanks, I've seen some skillfully made maps, but there is nothing quite like the real thing. The best maps in CMBN are in The Road to Montebourg campaign, and I think most of those are real world locations(with some elevation changes so you can't see the enemy at the start).

I was thinking I might make some custom missions for the Omaha beach landing. Can't do the whole beach in one mission(its just too big) but I thought I might seperate it out into six missions according to the designated sectors(dog green, dog wight, dog red, easy red, easy green, fox green). Of course for that I would also need some of those photos taken from spyplanes prior to the invasion(I want to get the German positions right). I know they had taken extensive photographs of the normandy area prior to the invasion but I can't seem to find them online.

Also it would be cool to make sort of a cold war campaign using CMSF. I would use only the US/Nato equipment that was available by 1989 and I could set the missions in real world locations in former West Germany.

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Here's a source where you can find the WW2 aerial recon photos of the D-Day beaches:


Breaking the game maps into the sectors is a great idea.

But you'll need to get creative with how to reprint the German defenses, since we don't have all the beach obstacles, gun emplacements, Tobruks, etc.

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It's a pity I can't be precise with the German defenses but I don't really need to be. I just want to be sure there is a high probability of the actual German defenses being similar to what I create.

Also I can't get that webpage to open. Is it possible it can only be viewed in the U.K.? I'm in the U.S.

And I'm serious about that utility that Japanzer made, do you know where I can find it?

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See this thread for the info on the overlayer:


If you can get it to work in a satisfactory way, please consider writing a "for dummies" how-to guide in English for the forum.

Sorry about the link to the photo site. I've tried it a bunch of ways today but the whole site seems to be down (?)

This is the one that used to work for me:


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There is also the site


The book is titled "Omaha Beachhead" lots of pics i've not

seen before and an Army account on the first few days.

Unfortunatly the 18 extra map pack can't be viewed from

the PDF file. The scale varies but those alone are worth

spending money for the book. Not sure how much it will

help your effort if at all. All info is good if its new in my book.

Thinking about getting a head start on some bulge maps..;)

No Prisoners

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