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Commonwealth - Tiger VIB question

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I was looking trough the sceenshots of the Commonwealth module.

Now I see to my huge liking that the Tiger II is also in, but why the tracks on the turret?

Now photos tell that not a single one of the 29 "Porsche" turret tanks in Normandy proper had these or in fact the hangers to apply them. :confused:

Just tying to avoid historical innaccuracies, even if I know the shots are work-in-progress.

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Had the Germans invented super glue by then?

No, they had to improvise by using leftover Spätzle batter. Unfortunately, this was not entirely satisfactory, with the result that many of the tanks were late appearing on the battlefield as they had to make frequent stops for maintenance. Some German military historians have attributed the loss of the war to that fact. This theory has been widely discredited however, as it is thought that having bottles of champagne spontaneously pop open in the cockpits of Luftwaffe fighters at altitude was far more decisive.


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Well, actually it seems not a single of the "initial" turrets had these hangers or the tracks.

In fact, only in November 1944 was permission given to add them for all Tiger II turret types.

The first known addition of hangers was for two tanks damaged in France - but used on the Eastern front with them. So no chance in Normandy or even France.

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Yes, you are correct. BFC says I can update y'all with the following: alpha layer has been added so track links are no longer visible (clean turret sides), but can be modded back in if you wish to portray the Porsche-turret tanks that survived into the autumn. Best possible solution, in my opinion.


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I too am glad the King Tiger is in. I love to listen to my opponent's outrage when I take one of them out with a rear shot from a Sherm (or even an M8 HMC).

"HOW DARE YOU destroy my KING TIGER with your puny, pathetic excuse for a tank!"

Just half kidding. I do like playing with the Super Tanks every now and then. Boy, it rankles when they get taken out though.

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Well, while it made no direct impact in the Normandy/France campaign it definately had a huge impact on the way we see history, thanks to the curiosity it aroused in the Allies.

Not to mention that it was a very succesful tank, despite its shortcomings due to the deteriorating logistical situation.

The campaigns are semi historical so even more reason to include it.

*akd, the photo of Tiger 314 "Anneliese" is once it was repaired and sent to the Eastern front (the tracks were a factory addition). Not sure if you added it to look like it is in France.

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