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Shot Traps

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Wait until later in the series of Heavy Metal screenshots.

There's a picture of a shell hitting in front of a Panther which hit the mantlet, was deflected down and out, hit the side superstructure armour and was deflected back and out and ended up being almost reversed and heading back towards the tank which fired it.

Two ricochets on the one tank and no penetrations. Lucky Panther crew (it killed the TC though).


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The most efficient use of armour is to make incoming fire bounce off.

Shot traps are geometrical arrangements of armour where the shot ricochets into an area it can't get out of, or cannot ricochet at all - underneath the mantlet of guns is a common. the shot has to go somewhere, so it often lodges in the armour in a sensitive area like the turret ring, or it hits a lesser armoured area like the hull roof.

Mike (atwork)

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