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AT-4A compared to BMP-1P (4C)

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I'm playing Road to Dimas (great campaign, btw, PaperTiger). I'm playing Hit and Run. I've played this scenario several times trying different tactics to see how to maximize the rebel's kills while minimizing their losses. No spoilers here, but...

I have noticed that the foot-based AT-4A teams seem to be much more effective than taking out the T-72Ms than the AT-4C missile which is mounted on the BMP-1Ps that I'm given. They seem to be equally deadly (or not) but the 4Cs shot from the BMPs seem to miss a lot more than the 4As shot from the sand.

Is this (a) my imagination, (B) a fluke, or © due to the AT-4C being mounted on BMPs and less stable than the 4As which have a stable base to fire from?


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