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ROAD TO DINAS question


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There are 15 missions in the campaign. What was the name of mission #10? There are different paths through the campaign and so mission #10 will vary from player to player. ;)

BTW, I haven't looked at this for a L-O-N-G time and I'd forgotten how big some of the maps were. And I thought the maps I did for the NATO campaign were huge.

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After playing CMBN exclusively since it came out, I REALLY enjoy going back and playing CMSF and even CMA.

When CMSF came out it seemed hard compared to CM1. But, now, CMBN seems really hard and often feels like work. CMSF and CMA are fun games by comparison.

I went back to a saved turn 13 minutes b4 the end of (my) mission 10 and cheated since I looked at the Cease Fire map. Was able to kill enuff enemy that they surrendered so I got a Total Victory and was able to move to the next mission. :)

It's really surprising/shocking how little difference in enemy casualties there was to go from a Draw to Total Victory. The CM2 system is way too unstable in terms of Victory Levels.

And yes, it would be great to have some extras toys that came with NATO.

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