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Abandoned AT gun bug?

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Searched the forum, but didn't come with anything on point. Here's what is happening: my opponent's AT gun crew was killed off. The AT is sitting next to an opening in a hedge that I am trying to pass my forces through. The infantry in the vicinity are unloading their ammo onto this abandoned AT gun - literally firing all of their ammo into it - including demo charges - even though they are right next to it and all the crew members are dead. My halftracks will not pass it and immediately reverse away.

So, this AT gun is acting like an ammo vampire and an AFV force field! UPDATE: I was able to finally kill the AT gun with a demo charge.

Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone know how to kill an abandoned gun quickly w/o demo charges? I can't actually target the thing, but I can area fire, but regardless of what I command, the TacAI has my troops unloading rounds into it. It is kinda funny, but I would be frustrated if it were a critical point in the game or if ammo was low.

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Ah ha. Sounds like the same behavior. So I am wondering if this is a bug or if this is how it is designed. Seems not very realistic to shoot with small arms at an abandoned AT gun for ten minutes. I understand the guys with the demo charges lobbing a demo charge at it to knock it out, though, as that makes some sense.

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The gun was probably abandoned by the crew before they died. That left the gun in a state where it could be re-manned and the AI decides to use the dislike button.

I thought AT guns couldn't be remanned? I've seen units fire on abandoned vehicles when there wasn't anything else to do, which I suppose is reasonable behavior. However, shooting rifles at an unmanned AT guns does not sound very productive. :P

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