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Will any additional US vehicles be included in the Commonwealth expansion?

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The base game as well as Commonwealth module covers June, July and August, and I don't think Hellcat saw combat until September. The next module is supposed to expand the timeframe to cover the fighting in Netherlands, and one would expect all kinds of stuff beginning with 'H' then.

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The new module will introduce the White scout car so I am hoping the US will have access to it as well.

Well, with the ability to attach individual vehicles anywhere in your OrBat that came with CMBN, the answer to that is 'heck yes!'*


* although they might have a union jack icon floating over them.

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Just wondering. I would really like to see the M18 Hellcat. I know that it did take part in the fighting in France following the Normandy breakout so I think it would be a worthy addition.

IIRC, Steve confirmed a while back that the M18 will definitely be coming to CMBN in a module. He did not, however, say which module. One of the most successful TD units in the U.S. Army in WWII, 603rd TD battalion, was in Normandy by late July, and they were equipped with M18s. I don't know of any M18-equipped units that reached the ETO earlier than the 603rd, but I can't claim complete knowledge on this point. But at any rate, with the 603rd the M18 it definitely makes it into combat in the ETO within CMBN's timeframe, albeit towards the tail end.

However, my SWAG is that we're more likely to see the M18 added with the Market Garden module than the Commonwealth module. There's plenty of interesting and different Commonwealth vehicles, so I don't think BFC is exactly casting about for additional vehicles to cram in with this module... You never know, though.

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I suppose the answer to the question as to if there would be a seperate US Army White Scout Car and the like is if it was part of the normal TO&E of any unit in the time period. Any one know?

This Wiki article states that "A small number were retained and employed in Normandy." It doesn't state how they were employed. They were already being phased out and replaced by M8s in 1943, so I doubt that they were used for frontline service by the US.


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