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CMSF Won't launch after patching to 1.21

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I just purchased CMSF from gamersgate and installed it, ran it (V1.08) and it was fine. Decided to patch to 1.10 then 1.21 to play with some buddies, but when I try to launch I get this error.


Then I run it as administrator, and it does nothing. I've reinstalled and updated multiple times and nothing seems to work? Any ideas?

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The 1.21 patch and later are for the Battlefront-only versions of the game. The Gamersgate/Paradox version stops at version 1.20 (Paradox's decision, not ours).

If you did purchase the v 1.21 Retail Upgrade (Paradox), then you would be able to use 1.21 and later patches (which use Battlefront's eLicense - different from Gamersgate's DRM).

When you 'run as admin' are you right-clicking on the launching shortcut and selecting "Run as administrator" from the popup menu (or possibly modifying the shortcut to do the same) ? This is different than your account being a 'Computer Administrator'. If that fails to work, then possibly turning off UAC may be necessary. If that fails to work, then you may have some security software (anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-malware, firewall, internet-security) that may be interfering.

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No, your issue seems to be eLicense. The original error you posted should have been resolved with the right-click and "Run as administrator".

Are you absolutely sure you have no security software installed ? Even if you disable some security programs there is the potential to interfere with eLicense. Some security programs are known issues with eLicense, so if you're running something we MAY have a work around for it (which, on occasion, requires uninstalling it). Again, security software is MORE than anti-virus. Any security program that isn't built into Windows may be causing a problem. This would include firewalls and other internet security programs (anti-spyware, anti-malware, etc.). Typically it is programs that actively scan memory, etc. that may cause the issue and a number of security programs do that now-a-days.

You may need to modify your DEP (Data Execution Prevention) settings, a built-in security feature of Windows. However DEP does NOT give the type of error you're seeing.

Knowledgebase article on DEP

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I've since disabled Norton, and uninstalled it. Nothing but Windows Defender is working. I've already edited my DEP settings.

I've reinstalled everything with and without UAC on, and I try to start CMSF and Nothing happens. In the 1.21 patch it said to run the game as admin (which I did, and it still did nothing)

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Unlicense your 1.21 patch (if you can) and possibly unlicense the Gamersgate install too.

Go to the Start Menu and in the 'Search' box at the bottom type in 'msconfig'. This should find the file which you can either double-click or press the 'enter' key to launch. This launches the 'System Configuration Utility'. In here go to the 'Startup' tab and click the 'Disable All' button and then click 'OK'. You will need to reboot your computer for these changes to take affect. What this does is remove programs/utilities from loading up at startup.

With little to no programs starting up (and nothing else launched) now try installing your Paradox CMSF in a directory that is OUTSIDE of '\Program Files' or '\Program Files (x86)', maybe create one such as 'C:\CMSF'. Confirm that it runs after installing the 1.10 and 1.20 patches.

Keep your Norton disabled or uninstalled. I don't think Windows Defender should be much of a problem since it is basically a 'passive' scanner. Now install the 1.21 Paradox/Battlefront patch and remember to right-click and select "Run as administrator". Be sure to choose the correct install directory that you installed the Gamersgate CMSF to. If the game prompts you to 'launch CMSF', go ahead and cancel that. Now launch CMSF and see if you get prompted to license the game or not.

The DEP settings are not necessary for everyone, but they are necessary for a number of players. Remember that the 'Runservice.exe' file needs to be added too, not just the game executable.

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