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Hi there,

I use the CMSF Paradox version, and want to buy the 3Bundle Marines, British and Nato-forces. I know there are some differences between the games if you want to patch them. Are there any problems if I buy the 3Bundle with my Paradox version?

And another question, as I can see there is no CD oder DVD for this addons, it seems to be download only. What happened if there something goes wrong with the download, or if I have to reinstall my windows? Will the addon be lost in this case?

Anyway, how can I pay the game? Can I use Paypal? Normaly I buy games in a shop, via ebay or amazon. But in this case it is not possible, because it seems there are no CD oder DVD. Download only. I can understand it, to produce and distribute them can be expensive and CM seems to have a small audience. So, how can I buy this games anyway and be sure anything is correct?

I also want to buy CM:Normandy, but I am afrait of the same problems.

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The 'Marines + British Forces + NATO' triple bundle has delivery options of:

Download Only: US$50.00

Download + Mail Delivery: US$60.00 (+ shipping and handling)

Mail Delivery Only: US$50.00 (+ shipping and handling)

These modules should work fine with the Paradox distribution of CMSF.

You can pay via Paypal.

CMBN has the same delivery options (but a different price, of course).

If you live outside the US, then Shipping and Handling fees can be quite expensive. On top of that you will have to deal with your country's customs office and any duties they may apply.

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Admittedly the only benefit to the 'mail delivery' option is a disc and case with a printed cover (and printed disc). The installer on almost all of our games is exactly the same as what gets downloaded.

The two items you were interested in also have no printed manuals (CMBN ran out a long time ago). A few of our products still have printed manuals, but fewer and fewer of them do.

To my knowledge it is usually an additional US$20.00 for shipping to the 'rest of the world', including Europe. Each additional item usually adds an additional US$1.00 to the shipping and handling. So two items may have a shipping and handling of US$21.00. As Sergei pointed out, the shipping and handling should be shown right before you pay and make your final checkout.

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