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I am trying to import one campaign from Pacific to Great war, but can not get it to work. How shall i do it?

I open Pacific editor and choose export data but nothing is saved when i try this.

I choose all map layers, country data and general, and then nothing happens.

Also, if i just want to export map positions, that option is greyed out and not applicable, why?

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Hi Cantona

The best thing to do before starting is to create a folder ready for the data to go into. Then when you are doing the export, it will ask you where to save the data and all you'll need to do is to click on the relevant folder.

After having selected all, just click ok and it should work.

The export map positions is different, and this is a way to export coordinates from the map. If you select a number of land tiles, using the Land Tiles selector, then click on export map positions, it will save a text file for you. This is just to make script writing easier.

I hope this helps.


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