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Attn: Modders: My Christmas Wish


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Modders: Please help an Old Sea Dog get his Christmas Wish.

Please make a "Hedge" mod that can be distinguished from a "low bocage" at a distance.

I find it very hard with my Old Sea Dog Eyes to tell if it is a hedge or a low bocage.

Making a mistake as you know, can lead to disasterous outcome.

So please...please..please... make a Dazzling NEON Pink Hedge mod for me.

Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas.

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Hi, Stingray.

The problem is, that there is no separate texture for hedge model. Well, as a matter of fact there is one, but game never uses it - i guess it's just leftover from development version.

There are two textures (boccage.bmp and boccage2.bmp) used in all three hedgerow types.

But (!) bocage and low bocage use both of those textures, while hedge uses only one (boccage2.bmp).


Therefore it is possible to distinguish it from other two types by changing one of those textures (making it slightly lighter for example). The one composed of only one type of leaves will be hedge.

Here is a link to zipped boccage2.bmp file:


Just Unzip it to Z folder and check it out.

If you want I can make it brighter, or even pink, but maybe this will suffice.



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Hedges are my least favourite looking graphic in the game. They really should look more like dark green thick walls and not a collection of big leaves.

Unfortunately unless they start using a separate texture for them then I see no way to make them look more realistic. I vaguely remember something about them having difficulties in making them look realistic.

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