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Spotting and Denied at thew same time?

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I have a unit that was permitted to use mortars. Fire mission was set up and waiting time began. For whatever reason, when spotting time appeared on the screen, it also added "Denied" and now I have no mortar barrage and nobody else can use the mortars (off map type), because they're busy with my denied spotter. :P

Is this a known bug?



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IIRC within a spotting unit, whether an HQ or FO, there is only one guy who actually knows how to do the job. If that particular man is OOA, that unit can no longer spot for arty. (Also, if he happens to be an actual platoon leader, that platoon no longer has any C2 to its HQ.)

The bug is that if the spotter man is OOA and an arty call that he made is in progress, there is no way to cancel the strike.

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