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PBEM game crashes at second new pw prompt for opponent

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Temp files are files where the "final" version of the file couldn't be created for whatever reason. This happens occasionally, usually due to file system stuff. It would be odd if they caused problems.

Your CMBN files should *not* be showing up as shared, unless you're sharing them. Also odd.

Phil,i believe you're talking about different temp files. More specific about the temp files created in the 'Outgoing Email' folder when,for whatever reason, the pbem file couldn't be saved under the name it should have been (because,for example,a file with the same name already exists).

These are not the same temp files as the ones which seem to be associated with crashes. Those temp files are created in the root folder of CMBN and their filenames are 'tempfile' or 'tempfile c.tmp'.

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