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New Soundmod in progress(with Problems)


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Hey CM-Guys,

i worked has long time on a Soundmod for CMBN, its a bigger project then im a perfectionist:o , i will give the Community a big intense ww2 soundfeeling.

the work is progressing well and i hope i can release a first beta this year.

but at the moment i have a big problem, the M1 garand has the same sound like the Kar98. (same with the thompson and the mp-40 i think)

what is the exact name for the K98 in the Soundfolder ?

gun rifle or gun 7 single

the same with the mp40

gun smg or gun 7 coax

I was still thinking I'll go crazy:rolleyes: I've tried all variations, but this guns has the same shot sounds.

who can help ?

Thx Stephsen

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Hey Guys,

the progressing has a good status ,and I'm getting behind the mysterious with the weapon names

this is not a joke : the soundfile "gun_smg" is for the mp40,thompson and the m3 Grease-gun XD

my goodness @battlefront whats happened hope you will fix them with the next patch

and i cant found the filename for the 30cal. who can help ?

oh thx LukeFF

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and i cant found the filename for the 30cal. who can help ?

oh thx LukeFF

No problem. :)

The file for the American .30cal MGs is gun 7 single.wav.

Others that may help you:

gun 7 bar: Browning Automatic Rifle

gun 7 assault rifle: M1 Carbine and MP44 (why BF did it this way, I dunno)

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