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There has been a wikia wiki for CM for some time, however it has not taken off. Wikis need informational bootstrapping. My goal is to do that!

Last week I asked BF (via Moon) to give us players the permission to re-license the content from the CMBN manual into CC-BY-SA, so that it could be used at the wiki. BF said yes! (All together now: thank you BF!)

With the manual to borrow from, I now have the wiki at a sort of barebones level of content where it seems usable -- the most obvious concepts are there. The front page is here:


(Yes, I am aware that the front page is ugly. Currently I am trying to get permission to edit it from the wikia people; then I'll make it pretty.)

What is not there? Well, pretty pictures, for one thing. Many whole topics are absent: unit stats, formation stats, strategy, any discussion whatsoever of the Map Editor, full documentation of the UI. The list is nearly endless. So, there's plenty to do if you are interested in helping.

I read this forum and lately I have been stealing some of the best tidbits of info for addition to the wiki. I'll probably continue doing that. (For one example, I've linked up Lt. Bull's work on bogging into a new page on bogging: http://combatmission.wikia.com/wiki/Bogging .)

I will also entertain requests for pages wanted. I'll write up just about anything that is related to CMBN. You got any requests? What would be most useful to you in a CMBN reference?

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In fact, I think the whole C2 tree needs to be clarified. I am fairly confident that I understand what the command relationships were in the historical armies. I am not confident that I yet understand how they work in CMBfN. I think I know how they should work, but things get reported as happening in the game that appear to confound that notion.


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I have been looking on the forum for good screenshots, articles about how things work (particularly those documenting actual tests of the game engine), etc. I already stole a screenie that sonic made -- I have a PM out to him asking for permission. But this is very slow -- I cannot read the whole forum in any case, and then the additional time to get permissions might be very long for inactive users, but I can't really tell who is who. So I figured I would ask y'all for some help.

Here's what I want: good articles from this forum. If it is research, I don't need permission since I would want to distill anyway. I just need to know about it. So tell me about anything you know about, whether you wrote it or not.

If it is a tactics how-to, a screenshot, or other large chunk of info that is best used whole, and YOU wrote it and are willing for it to be placed into the "creative commons" (see http://community.wikia.com/wiki/Community_Central:Licensing ), then I might want it. So, if you wrote such an article and want to bring it to my attention, please let me know. If you are arrogant enough to know it is good, post the link in this thread. Others might appreciate that, especially those of us who have not been reading this forum since CMBN was released. If you are the modest sort, PM me with the link. But please don't PM me unless you want to give permission to use it. If you PM me about an article you wrote, I am going to assume permission to use even if you don't say so. (I will happily remove anything if this gets misunderstood, but I don't want to have to do PM back-and-forths just to say "you didn't make it explicit -- may I please".)

Oh, and if you know of any off-site material that ought to be in the wiki, I'm also interested in that.

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Clarification on your Demo Charge entry...They can be used against armor in CMBN...I just tested this and watched an engineer team chuck a satchel at a Panther that had it's back to them. Don't know if they'll use it against infantry or not, though.


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I've never seen them throw demos on infantry. I think I have had them close enough to notice it, but not certain. (I am sure I never put my precious move-through-stupidly-dense-utterly-impassable-channels-of-death engineers near enough to enemy tanks to see how they might interact.)

When a normal infantry unit "assaults" a tank it looks like they are throwing grenades, but it does not use up grenades. Could it be something similar? Are you certain that the engineer unit actually used a demo charge on the tank? Was there a big boom? Was the attack effective?

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You can make big holes in walls using a big explosion order next to him. Four explosion movements orders (big hole) two explosion movements (little one)

Ask for help for the wiki (like Osfront did it) I recomend this sites


http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/thefgmforum/forumdisplay.php?161-CM-Battle-for-Normandy-Tacticsrealy good for noobs


All I know its reading this sites and making my own test. Thanks to ricochet-tracer for his EXCELLENT post about C2. Sorry fo my english. Hope that helps for the wiki

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Positive. They threw grenades for a bit and then I watched a guy cock his arm back with a demo charge in it...then chuck it. Then BIG BOOM! I even paused the game to catch him with the charge in hand. I didn't take a screenie but I am pretty sure I can get them to do it again. (Actually there's a pic in the old screen shot thread of a guy tossing a charge at something.)

Yep, it was effective. Though, the tracks were already damaged to the point the tank was immobile, the demo charge put it in the knocked out department...no other damaged stated but track. No crew casualties either. I would've expected some engine damaged considering a good amount of the grenades landed near the deck.

EDITED: LOL. Well, there ya go. Vencini's got a pic.


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I've been trying to decipher the US Artillery Characteristics chart, for 105mm guns.

I'm trying to determine what mission and duration would put FFE on a target for 3 minutes.

The "duration" on the chart is in most cases expressed in rounds. But then would I multiply that by the rate of fire (x rounds every 10 seconds) to get the length of the FFE?

So, for example, would a 105mm "heavy" mission (1 round every 12 seconds) and a "Medium" duration of 12 rounds (is that what the M stands for?) give me 12 x 12 = 144 seconds or a barrage of 2.4 minutes?

What about longer durations, like maximum?

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Using the relevant portion of the chart from the CM Wiki

US 105mm M2A1 Howitzer

Mission: Harass | Light | Medium | Heavy

Rate of fire: 46-48 | 28-32 | 16-19 | 10-12

Duration: Q S M | Q S M | Q S M | Q S M

Rounds: 3 6 14 | 2 7 12 | 3 6 12 | 2 6 12

If we take your first case, the gun crews are going flat out (best rate 6 rds/min/gun). The bottom listing "Rounds" should really read "Time (in minutes)." At Quick, FFE duration is 2 minutes, at Short, 6 minutes and at Medium, 12 minutes. To get three minutes of FFE at Heavy, you'll need to issue a Cease Fire roughly halfway through a Short mission. Assuming battery volleys, this'll cost you 72 rounds (18 per gun x 4 guns).

If you reduce the fire density to Medium, and you fire at Quick, you'll get three minutes of FFE, at somewhere in the ~4-5 rds/min/gun, or ~48-60 rounds expended, using rounded off numbers.

It would be much easier if you could issue a fire order like this: "Target: road junction; single gun, harassing fire, 10 minutes." Then you'd know how long you'd have FFE coverage. Or. "Target: Attacking infantry; battery volley, max rate until I order otherwise." The first would drizzle roughly one round a minute on that junction, making life miserable for, say, softskins and open topped vehicles. The other would bring down 24 rounds a minute on those swarming infantry until you either issued a Cease Fire or exhausted your ammunition supply. In practice, field artillery can shoot at maximum rate for only a few minutes, after which it settles down to its sustained rate. For example, 155s can fire two rds/min at max rate for a couple of minutes, after which it reverts to one rd/min sustained rate, which can be kept up for hours on end, until the guns glow and their paint blisters.

Hope this clears thing up a bit--if I properly interpreted the chart, that is. I generally shoot Medium intensity missions, at Medium duration, for the kinds of pain I wish to inflict, up to and including killing a Panther sitting on an objective. Thanks to the chart, I'm going to make some changes in how I do my my shoots in the future. To kill something, volume of fire per unit time matters, so a Heavy mission, battery volleys and a Quick duration may be the way to go. 48 rounds delivered over two minutes will ruin just about anything they hit. Not to mention looking spectacular!


John Kettler

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