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NWS: Supremacy at Sea PC game


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So would anyone here know what the current condition of the NWS Supremacy at Sea PC game? I have read on matrix games forum an old thread a couple years old now that the game initially had lots of bugs. Have any improvements been made in the last year or so to improve the bugs & other issues that hampered the game in the past? I'd like to hear an updated review or status of Supremacy at Sea because I'm looking at perhaps buying this game if it has been improved & fixed up into a good running/playing condition.

Any info would be greatly appreciated!

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I have no current information, I'm afraid, and I'd like to know what happened to it as well. Maybe half a dozen years ago or so I was following its development as release appeared imminent at that time. But it seemed to succumb to feature creep. The developers got a bit too ambitious or something, and instead of releasing a good game that could be added to down the road, they overloaded the code base and kept pushing back the release date. After many months, it finally dropped off my radar. Too bad as it had started out sounding like a game I would like to play very much.


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