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Multiple Shed Textures


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Not sure if this is known but the shed flavor objects in game can have multiple textures. There is only one button in the editor (and the game comes with two choices) but if you put a bunch of sheds on your map the game will randomly pic a texture for each. After you get what you want you can delete the rest. The naming convention would be toolshed 1, toolshed 2 etc.

Now, whether or not that particular shed will show if someone else is using the same mod remains to be seen...Here's a pic.


Ok, here's a test. Download the zip. Take the "zzz zzz Shed Test" folder and place it in your z folder....take the +++ Shed Test +++ save file and place it in your scenario folder. Go to the editor, load the save, hit 3D preview and check out the sheds, then post the numbers you see written on the shed doors, here. Be nice if two or three people did this.




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I saw 2 sheds, facing the doors the left was a 3, right was a 1. I then loaded it up in the editor and the left was a 2 and the right a 4.

I don't think you'll get sheds to ever be the same as the randomization is probably done when the instance of the object is created during the loading of the mission and seeded from the system clock.

However, I don't think this would be much of a gameplay issue if everyone saw different shed textures as long as they weren't too specific.

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Yeah, you both got the right sheds, once (1 and 3). But I just loaded the save as a battle and they came up 2 and 4 and then 3 and 2....so, Ryujin is correct...it's always gonna be random. I was tired last night and wasn't thinking straight or I could've figured this out if I'd just tried it as a battle to begin with.

I guess it's still kind of cool that there can be more than two.

Thanks guys, appreciate it.


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