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New Fall Weiss 1939 MOD

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I have finally completed my Corpos based 1939 Fall Weiss MOD for the WW1 engine. It will be posted over this weekend.

1. Armies replaced by their constituent corps and division structures.

2. Expanded naval OOB including many more of the heavy capital ships.

3. All army group commanders included.

4. New nations at start include Slovakia, Venezuela and British Empire.

5. New nations that can appear during the game Free France, Free Greece, Free Poland, Croatia, Montenegro and the Ukraine Reichkommisariat with all of their historical and what-if units.

6. Poland expanded to include Gdynia.

7. New overland convoys routes from Turkey and Romania to Germany.

8. A new overland convoy route for German-USSR trade.

9. New sea convoys from British Empire to UK, Venezuela to USA, Finland to Germany and Iraq to France.

10. New decisions based on Mers-El-Kebir, the creation of new Axis satelites, poison gas on Sealion invaders, an expanded invasion of Norway, Eben Emael etc.

11. Early surrenders of Bulgaria, Romania and Finland under certain conditions.

The game has been playtested until 1941 but may need some balancing.

Its called 1939 Expanded Fall Weiss and will be on the repositary by Sunday.

Feedback is always helpful.


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Well, we've been doing something similar. Very interesting to see if this obsoletes our work (that might be a good thing, no worries, as it's still unfinished). However, we probably have a bit different approach when it comes to the units - we'll have elite corps (in the special forces slot, representing mixed infantry and armour formations), corps, reserve corps, garrisons, tank groups and cavalry (replacing anti-tank).

Did you change all the unit scripts as well?

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Several minor nations, Poland and the USSR have cavalry in their special forces unit slot.

All scripts have been updated including the unit scripts. Several "armies" still arrive by unit script but as they are actually corps size they will arrive as corps.

The first version will be up this weekend.

I will add other versions as adjustments are made.

I also want to add Dakar onto the map, add a possible early armistice with the USSR decision and several other ideas.

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Version 2 is almost ready. It includes the following:

1. Adjustments to Operation Weserubung scripts to make it more difficult for Norwegian units to be immediately reinforced.

2. Added German Paratroop landings in the Netherlands and Belgian refugee supply scripts.

3. Added Germany to Italy and UK to France convoys.

4. Added a decision for the German player to bring Vichy France onto their side.

5. Added alot of place names and locations of interest.

6. Increased the range of all naval units, strategic bombers and airborne units.

7. Adjusted mobilization scripts to warn the German player when they over-garrison the USSR border areas.

8. Added French garrison scripts for the Italian border.

9. Added the historical French fortifications along the Italian border.

10. Added historical landings for the Allied AI in Norway.

11. Added German and Italian annexations of French territory.

12. Corrected the Vichy attack on Gibralter script to happen only once.

Will be uploaded this weekend.

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Honch, would you consider a couple new features in your next update? The first occurs when the allies take Rome and Italy surrenders, then the axis player is asked to create the Italian Social Republic as a puppet state at some cost and receives a 2 garrison units with option to build Graziani HQ, 2 corps and 1 fighter unit OR not to create it and saves MMPs. If ISR is created then allies get an Italian puppet state too with 2 garrison units and can build 3 corps. Also, if Yugoslavia is conquered then it's borders should be adjusted as was historical and the axis player is asked to create greater Croatia as a puppet state of Germany at a certain cost and receives a couple garrison units with option to build a corps OR not and save MMPs.

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Both the Salo Republic and Croatia are already in there in addition to the Puppet State of Montenegro.

The Croatian and Montengro scripts were a little messed up but have been corrected for the next version that is almost done.

Finland may "surrender" by armistice if Allied units approach Helsinki.

Bulgaria, Romania, Persia, Iraq and Italy will all "surrender" outright as Allied units reach certain trigger tiles.

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Yes, regular partisans appear in Serbian territory as per usual and then there are attacks on Axis troops in Croatian and Montenegran territory via strength scripts.

After 1943, if a Yugo partisan acaptures Belgrade (liberating Yugoslavia) then HQ Tito appears!

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Honch, your mod rocks!!! I love your orders of battle, improvements to the map features, and the unit sizes (ground, naval, and air). Corps level fits the SOE map scale much better than the army one does, and I'm so happy to see there aren't enough MPPs to keep all units at full strength and I have to make more realistic priorities and take risks. It is a breath of fresh air that SC should seriously consider incorporating into their next patch. Well, I'm at the gates of Warsaw, so only played 3 turns so far, but I'll keep notes and let you know if I have any more questions/comments.


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It just seemed logical to have the biggest city in the Netherlands as a secondary. It forces the Germans to commit more than one or two corps to the invasion.

As for Belgium it was because the Belgian army fought on after the fall of Brussels and Antwerp, albeit, not for very long.

I hope to have version 2 up tomorrow.

There is ALOT of new stuff and corrections to scripts that were not firing correctly.

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Version 2 to be uploaded tomorrow:

1. Fixed the Croatian and Montenegran activation scripts.

2. Fixed the Free French activation script.

3. Fixed the British Empire unit scripts for early arrival of units in Egypt.

4. Gave naval units the chance to evade combat.

5. Added decision scripts for the Allied Norwegian Expeditionary Force and Possible Vichy alignment with the Axis.

6. Revised the Operation Weserubung scripts to better model the Axis invasion options for Norway.

7. Added UK to France convoys and Germany to Italy convoys.

8. Added German garrisons to the Polish border to stop the Axis AI from panicking and rushing units to certain open cities.

9. Added the Polish frontier guards.

10. Increased the cost of amphibious assaults and added research chits for the UK and USA to offset.

11. Increased the cost of motorization upgrades to better model the reliance on horse transport for the first years of the war.

12. Increased the range of strategic bombers and paratroops.

13. Reduced the naval loop time delays for US East Coast to North Atlantic, Red Sea and Persian Gulf.

14. Corrected several scripts to fire correctly.

15. Corrected the UK Governemnt to Canada script to include the port of Halifax, allowing the re-routed convoys.

16. Added scripts for possible alignment of French colonies with the Allies after declaration of Vichy and/or Operation Attila.

17. Adjusted the approaches to Oslo.

18. Added AI scripts to try and seize Narvik and Trondheim after Axis invade Norway.

19. Added scripts for Luftwaffe attacks on Norwegian towns to stop quick reinforcement of Norwegian units.

20. Added some additional Spanish activation possibilities.

21. Added an additional German U-Boat to the production qeue.

22. Adjusted the French NM drops upon German invasion.

23. Adjusted Italian activation scripts.

24. Added German and Italian annexation of French and Luxembourg territory.

25. Added the historical French fortifications along the Italian border with accompanying garrisons.

26. Added popups to remind the Axis player about the Graf Spee and Deutshland surface raiders.

27. Adjusted the Schleiswig-Holstein script.

28. Removed the starting motorization from German HQs.

29. Added former Vichy units as Allied units after surrender to the Allies.

30. Added an early surrender of Vichy France if Allies take Paris.

31. Added research chits to the US production and industrial tech.

Already started Version 3:

1. Addition of Dakar to the map.

2. Decision for the early armistice of the USSR.

3. Decision script for the invasion of Madagascar.

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Honch, I noticed couple things with current version. 1) Romanian garrison appeared in Kishinev and VI Corps in Cernauti even though Bessarabia had been ceded to USSR. 2) Italian units stationed in S Italy (everything from Naples south) have been struck twice and reduced 1-2 strength points each time (June-July 1941). It reminds me of Long range desert force strikes. There is no explanation following AI turn.


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Yes, the Yugoslav partisan script was carrying over to the Italian maniland. Fixed.

I have moved the Romanian units so they don't get trapped after Bessarabia is ceded. Fixed.

Working on Version 3 right now. Maybe by this weekend. I am busy beta testing Global GOLD.

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1. Fixed LRDG and Yugoslav Partisan scripts that were projecting their effects across the MED.

2. Increased the sub attack and defense of destroyers.

3. Added French West Africa and Dakar and adjusted all scripts as necessary.

4. Adjusted starting research levels and chits for balance.

5. Adjusted US and USSR starting income levels for balance.

6. Added some USSR divisions to the OOB upon Barbarossa.

7. Changed the UK transfer of government to only include Halifax and surrounding area or Alexandria and surrounding area. This will keep Canada and Egypt in the war.

8. Added Aalborg as a trigger location to start Operation Weserubung.

9. Added a French Empire resource to Free France.

10. Added scripts for Spanish economic problems.

11. Increased the cost for all research level upgrades.

12. Removed the US naval units. They now arrive when the US reaches a certain mobilization.

13. Added Montevideo as a German port to re-supply surface raiders.

14. Added French Madagascar. The scripting will have to wait until version 4.

15. Added some images for De Gaulle, German surface raiders etc.

16. Added a UK Destroyer to Alexandria in starting OOB.

17. Added an MPP cost to early transfer of British Empire units to Egypt.

18. Added a DE for the UK to send an expeditionary force to Greece which includes a division, fighter and HQ Wilson.

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