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CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

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It had me convinced for about three seconds, but something about that fence made me suspicious, it looked oddly familiar. Then I took a closer look at the roadside grass and that clinched it. I have to admit though that I completely missed the jagged shadows; those have never been a major concern for me like they have for some players.


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Hit decals are turning out to be one of my favorite little, big things introduced in 3.0. I especially enjoy the forensic element they bring to the game.

In my first 3.0 scenario, this early model MkV has taken three rounds to its front from a US tank destroyer. Check out the "penetration" decal on the muzzle break, which is aligned with the "ricochet" decal on the mantlet. The game actually tracked and recorded the M18's round passing through the L/70 and expending the rest of its energy on the mantlet rendering the gun inoperable in the process. Good stuff.




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"Boy, it sure would be nice if we had some GRENADES, don't ya think?"


That's only half of the pineapples tossed at that hapless half-track, which escaped unscathed, only to be disassembled by bazooka round next turn.

Well, I see you have learned of a good way to get the enemy to waste their grenades

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