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Thanks! Here is one more: A Firefly waits in a hull down overwatch position overlooking the eastern outskirts of Buron, having just knocked out a German Jagdpanzer

"It says here that a lot of men fire their panzerfausts too early." "Yes, my Heinrich has the same problem."  

During a rollercoaster year, one thing that has kept me happily distracted and occupied has been CM:BN and Paper Tiger's incredible Scottish Corridor campaign. Has been great fun commanding (and often

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The burning gunner frantically overcranked the gun's elevation mechanism, ignoring the commander's orders that he cease damaging Reich equipment. Then, using the yawning gap he'd created, the gunner dove out of the burning panzer head first. It makes sense to me. No bug here. Move along...

Cool flame mod. Whose is it?


Okay, elevation "error": you don't have a savegame, but do you know what the Jagdpanzer was doing BEFORE the gun elevated? (I assume the AI has the Jagdpanzer.) Was it rotating, reversing, engaging a target, etc.

ANY savegames, not necessarily this turn?


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Regarding gun elevation. I have not seen that over the top look but what I have observed is that tanks tend to keep their gun elevation steady until they need to change it to target something new. For example if a tank is on the down slope and fires at something the gun will be at its max elevation. It will then drive around with its gun that way until it needs to shoot at something else. It looks a bit odd I know. Most of the time we don't even notice. It is only at the extreme edges of up or down that we notice this behaviour.

This picture does look like something is off with the way the model is setup / behaving.

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I will relate something I observed that may not be related to the phenomenon being discussed here, but I found curious and interesting. In a QB I am currently playing, I knocked out a 75 mm PaK 40. That was shown graphically as usual by the barrel pointing somewhat downward. When I happened to look at it a little later, it seemed to me that the down angle of the barrel had increased slightly. Several turns after that I chanced to look at it again and now the muzzle actually appeared to be touching the ground, something it had not done in the previous turns. This is just one gun in one game, so I don't know if it is a fluke or something that has been designed in. If the latter, it is an interesting detail, since the sagging gun barrel has been explained as due to oil leaking out of the balance tubes. That would make it progressive over time, assuming the tubes were merely punctured and not blown apart.


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