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CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

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Sometimes Firing First is Not Enough

In a recent game (that is still going as of this uploading) two of my Shermans were in a fire fight with a Panther and a PzIV. This is a small fire fight on one flank of a much larger battle. At the end of the turn I noticed that the PzIV was smoking too. Try as I might I could not figure out who took it out. I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure it out - checking tanks that were on the other side of the map in case one of them had a line of sight I did not expect. It was easy to tell that the other Sherman was not responsible - it fired only one round and that round bounced off the front armor of the Panther. The KO'ed Sherman took two hits one from the PzIV and then another from the Panther.

Then I looked at the AP amo counts and discovered that just as the KO'ed Sherman was hit it fired a round. Watching where the barrel was aimed and following the shell I discovered that it was responsible for taking out the PzIV.

Judging by the timing, I think instead of passing each other in the air the rounds passed by each other one in the air and the other in the Sherman's gun barrel.

The PzIV fires, destroys the Sherman, then gets destroyed itself.


The video shows the same time slice 1:10:37 to 1:10:24 in the game twice once looking at the PzIV and one looking at the Sherman. Since you cannot see the Shermam's muzzle flash I also tacked on 6s showing the Sherman's AP amo count going down at the end.


PS. The Panther and the other Sherman broke contact and are still hunting each other 10 minutes later.

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I've been working on some more maps lately as I've recently got right back into CM. However I also got Shogun 2 TW on sale and was mightily unimpressed by the visuals, which made me delve into my screenshots folder. One of the great things about CM for me is the ability to create realistic landscapes.


I actually took this screen a while ago but quite like it. Many of the pixeltruppen pictured did not make it home, an MG42 and a Puma took their toll.

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nice. whos US uniforms are you using?

hey I was watching the show Triggers ( not bad btw ) and he fired a bazooka. there was a small screen on the front of it, to protect the firer from sparks, etc from the rocket. I'd never seen the screen mounted on the front in pictures or in the game however. how often was it used in combat?

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