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CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

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I also got burned out playing scenarios and having to stop and install a new mod every day.

I may wait until an entire new game family is complete and modded to the max before playing. Otherwise, I feel I am playing a Beta of the game, and am burned out/bored with it before it has been perfected. And then we're onto a new release...

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It was good for me as I only recently got CW ... and was able to download and install ( in a marathon session ) almost every Aris CW vehicle mod.

So for me it looked great practically "out of the box" :)

yeah it takes ages to get them all again...thats why I keep all the core files ready to go just in case!

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Regarding the first one,

(VO) "And here we have Sergeant Ralph Skinner of Ottumwa, Iowa about to kick the butts of Hitler's boys. That Sherman tank's there in case he gets into trouble, but he won't. He's a farmboy who's a crack shot. Those Germans better run while they can!"


John Kettler

Please tell me why the American infantry is firing on what looks like a CW soldier?

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