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"It says here that a lot of men fire their panzerfausts too early." "Yes, my Heinrich has the same problem."  

AT guns to the left of me, Shermans to the right, here I am...

Hi Guys I love this game and I make my own scenarios with buildings ive made.

Posted Images

Thanks :)


Beautiful stuff sir! I especially like that first one, talk about atmospheric!

It has to be one of the cooler moments I've had in CM:BN (somewhat new to the game still).

I had had a particularly crappy mission before that, so I was out for blood. It worked like a charm,

the enemy retreated en masse... except for http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVxNr4LQris. :D



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Great pics, did you doctor these pics at all or are they straight from the game. If their untouched, I would really like to know what mods your using.

Besides cropping the images, they are untouched.

My current mods (I hope it's OK to post links to other forums?):


EDIT: Oh and I'm using the settings found in the Some performance and quality tips for NVIDIA users thread :)

PS. What is the policy for doctored images btw? I like to enhance my screenshots at times. Would it be ok to post them in this thread?



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PS. What is the policy for doctored images btw? I like to enhance my screenshots at times. Would it be ok to post them in this thread?



Ha you can doctor them up anyway you want. Broadsword even went so far as to make one look like the old Sgt Rock comics. There have been a number of really cool shots people have toned up to look like old photographs etc.

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On the lighter side, from my PTO Makin scenario....

The only recognition Pvts. Lovelace and Tiplady-Jones got for their painstaking recreation of the steamy beach scene in "From Here to Eternity" was a posting to Bahrain*


* evidently that's where the US sent servicemen suspected of "deviant" behaviour or "poor moral character"

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My small addition to the debate about whether armor ambushes in WeGo work and the impact of tank crews - also I wanted this

for posterity's sake as it has taken me a long time to understand how to use a PF. Credit goes to JonS for teaching me as well as my

condolences for being my first victim. It is your own fault JonS. Note this is still without version 2 and armored covered arcs.

The scene - A Churchill approaches - just in the foreground, barely visible is a 3 man scout team


This is what the scout team sees. Note the extent of the covered arc. Is is short, just at outer range of Panzerfaust.


The team first spots the Churchill, note one MP 40 equipped guy is aiming at the exposed TC.


and he drills him, note the Mauser armed soldier is now moving while the MP 40 guy has gone back to waiting - waiting for what you ask?


Waiting for this guy, the tank has begun reversing and fired off smoke, but it is too little too late.


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The round hits home and the rest of his team is now looking and waiting for....


These guys. You want to keep those pistol armed uber tank crews at bay? Shoot them.


We will see what happens, but I am betting this is one crew that isn't going anywhere but to the rear- if the few left are lucky enough.

Notice how much calmer my guys are now than when they heard the tank approaching.

That's too bad really as there is another tank to their left and they are out of PFs.....

Don't get any ideas JonS - I made sure you can't tell how many more teams I have spread all over this field.... dozens, no hundreds.. THOUSANDS!!!!

Surrender now, it is your only chance.


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Love the pics and all the discussion, but I'm astounded BFC's let this one go almost 600 posts! Isn't it afraid the Forums will implode? Was under the impression the limit was around 300 these days.


John Kettler

These problems were fixed in vBulletin long ago. AFAIK thread length doesn't do any more damage than same number of posts by other means in current vBulletin releases. And of course new threads have their own overhead.

And the actual 300 post problem BFC did have was with their previous software.

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