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Thanks! Here is one more: A Firefly waits in a hull down overwatch position overlooking the eastern outskirts of Buron, having just knocked out a German Jagdpanzer

"It says here that a lot of men fire their panzerfausts too early." "Yes, my Heinrich has the same problem."  

During a rollercoaster year, one thing that has kept me happily distracted and occupied has been CM:BN and Paper Tiger's incredible Scottish Corridor campaign. Has been great fun commanding (and often

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Another shot from Kampfegruppe Engel (scenario 6 Guardian Angels). Not sure that surrendering to Waffen SS is a bright idea ... actually the idea was real bad as 5 minutes later "friendly" canadian artillery support totally blasted off the area with a storm of shells coming directly from hell. Kampfegruppe squad had left by the time but not the surrendering unit which end up totally blasted !

Screenshot 2019-12-22 at 15.58.00.jpg

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7 hours ago, Warts 'n' all said:

1950's Paisley. A proud father sits his bairn upon his knee, "Now Gerry I'm going to tell you all about the time I knocked out a whole heap of Panther tanks and took everyone prisoner all own my own".

He-he. Yeah, I'm a proud father of that purty little Sherman. It was a classic sudden decision point. For setup, I had two hidden Shermans (my only armor) on the enemy's right and my armored infantry co.'s ATGs on their left.

Early on, a lead Panther had explored forward and traded shots with one unhidden ATG. It won the gun duel and knocked out the ATG, but then got spooked and backed into death from the Sherman side. Then, the turn before the picture was taken, the remaining four Panthers pulled up together, supported by a large group of infantry. Suddenly, it was a win or lose decision point. If I held back the Shermans, the ATGs would be wiped out and the German force would get across the bridge en masse. But, with all the German infantry around, the Shermans would likely never make it far enough to get a shot off.

I decided to roll the dice and send in the Shermans to knife fight, supported by a few GIs on the ground for an attempt at the most thin of infantry screens (all I had in range). One Sherman got knocked out en route by enemy infantry AT as expected, but the second made it and proceeded to knock out three Panthers and slice up some enemy infantry in a glorious run -- the results of which are shown in the picture. After that, I popped smoke and backed out the Sherman to a safer place. I was surprised he made it out, as there is something like a company+ of SS infantry in that area. I guess I had enough area fire pouring on (various MGs, harrassing mortars and ATGs) to keep the German infantry distracted.

Now, the last Panther (prolly HQ) has charged forward and is bearing on the ATGs. Another decision point for the Sherman... 🙂

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17 minutes ago, jtsjc1 said:

That's a lucky Sherman! Good thing a panzerfaust didn't find you! They seem to be attracted to my Shermans.😡

Yeah, I was really expecting to lose both Shermans, and thus the game, to PFs and schrecks before they could tackle the Panthers. Now, I've got to decide whether or not to risk the last Sherman to save the ATGs or sacrifice them and perhaps ping the last Panther later from a position safe from infantry.

I'll probably send in the Sherman, as it will be my best opportunity for a rear shot, if I can find a way to get it to target reasonably safely. If I lose it, I still might lose the game, despite the previous successful thunder run. The Germans have a ton of infantry left, I'm sure. My regular GIs likely won't be able to hold back that much SS infantry without some kind of heavier support.

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