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CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

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CW module. Bridge at Varaville mission. This bloodthirsty canadian parachute (they nicknamed him after this action "loufoque") drops a demo charge inside the building to clear it of enemyes. :-O


Never seen demo charges been used against infantry like that, deffinatelly a windtalkers moment jajja

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In the CW module there is a four-battle series that represents the fighting in the early hours of that operation.

Thanks Sergei,

I want to play as the CW, and get some kind of perspective of the area, attacking that hill.

I know there must be some great books about the subject, just need to find an unbiased view.

Hill 112 was really important, up untill the Americans finally got momentum, then they just swung around the entire area.

Anyways it was a bloody mess that area.


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Very nice. I love the grain and flowers in this game.

I think so too. You know...I've seen some people complain about the foliage in this game and I've never understood that. I think the foliage textures are a perfect balance in terms of how it runs on one's computer and how it looks. We've got some pretty talented map makers in this community and they alone have shown how good visuals can be.

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