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Couple of bunker-related issues

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I'm playing Le Hamelet PBEM as the Germans and I've got a couple of issues related to wooden bunkers.

First, I moved my mortar platoon HQ into a wooden bunker early in the game. I decided to shift it elsewhere, but I find that the "Dismount" button is disabled, thus I cannot move the unit out of the bunker.

Second, I have an HMG team in another bunker. It came under fire from a Sherman, took two casualties, and the bunker was penetrated and is now listed as destroyed. The remaining four soldiers are still in the bunker, and are unsuppressed, but the icon remains greyed out and again, I am thus unable to move the unit out of the bunker.

I haven't played with bunkers much, so perhaps these have been touched on before, but it does seem that there are some bugs remaining.

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