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Overall strategy questions

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I have been playing SC games for several years now, but wanted to ask the forum some questions to help me become a better player.

1. If you increase the industrial power of England or Japan, does that translate to all of the colonies and conquered territories? Or does it apply just to the production of cities within the home country?

2. Overall is it better to concentrate some assets in developing elite units or is it better to have more units?

3. When defending Russia, is it better to just vacate the border cities or fight for every city? I know this kinda of depends on how soon the Axis player attacks Russia, but it would seem to me that you would conserve some assets by positioning units further back.

4. With the new map for SC Global Conflict, it is much more difficult, in my opinion, to launch an operation Sea Lion. If you try to execute a Sea Lion operation, what is the best way to approach it?


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1. Only home country resources for IT multiplier.

2. This is one of the reasons the Axis get an advantage throughout the game, so of course, elite unit development is very advantageous.

3. Not necessarily fight, but delay, keep in mind there is a cycle of rejuvenation for destroyed units if they're in supply >=5. Roadblock after roadblock until the counter moment presents itself.

4. Dependent upon the UK committments, opportunity has to be evaluated as the game unfolds. You'll need airborne and TAC to pull it off, with the necessary long range upgrades.

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SeaMonkey is a SeaLion, the dude loves experienced U-Boats. He loves the air game too.

Experience in SC is god like. Luftwaffen fighters become Angels of Light/Darkness (depending on zee politiks of your mind).

But remember, in real business life,"Experience is what you get, when you didn't get what you wanted to get."

Blue Star loves SC...Gordan, you're with a winner,


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