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Fortifications in QB's

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I was looking at the QB creator in CMAK and i noticed it did not allow the purchase of fortifications in meeting engagements, which is logical, however CMBN does allow the purchase of fortifications for meeting engagements, which isn't logical, could this be fixed in future ?

Also in CMx1 there was a setting called "combined arms" where each unit type had a limited point allocation, thus forcing the player to create a true combined arms force, i think adding a combined arms setting similar to the CMx1 version would make for more interesting QB games IMO.

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Given that fortifications (other than TRP) can only be placed in your setup zone, and the vast majority of your activity will be outside the setup zone on most QB maps, it seems a bit daft to go buying mines, wire and trenches/bunkers :)

TRP might be an issue, though, but no more so than prep. barrage, and people lay houserules about those all the time it seems.

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